Dance: Biography


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My dance career started over 30 years ago. It hasn’t always been a direct path, but
nevertheless, exciting and diverse. From Standard & Latin Dances I quite rapidly moved up
to my “big love“ – Swing Dancing! Rock’n’Roll, Boogie Woogie, Balboa, Charleston and
finally West Coast Swing followed in quick succession.

During my time as a competitor, my dance partner Reto Gurt and I took part in over 120
dance competitions, during which we won the following titles: as a dance couple and as part
of the formation group Crazy Darts we were awarded 5 times Swiss Champions, 4 times
European Champions and 3 times World Champions in Boogie Woogie.

We received the prestigious Frankie Manning Award in 2013 for Exceptional Merits in Swing.

To follow up my time as a competitor, I could view the dance world from the perspective of
an adjucator and MC.

Since 1991, during my role as a dance teacher and coach I’ve had the priviledge to travel the
world with “step-step-triple step.“ From USA to Russia, from Finland to England and Spain –
altogether invitations from 16 countries. Amongst others were events such as Herräng Dance
Camp in Sweden, Eurodance and Rock That Swing Festival and many more. Some of these
events have been part of a yearly tradition for me for 20 years.

In 2004 I turned my hobby into a business and was able to combine dance, coaching and
massage within my own company „BodyEmotion.“ All the travelling over the years and my
language skills enable me to teach in different countries in their native language.

Very often being a teacher in a workshop entails a Show in which we integrate the students
to be part of the performance. We choreograph everything from start to finish and mix in
different dance styles. Olivier Massart and myself were the first couple from Europe to dance
our Show at the convention in Sacramento, USA. Then the requests for choreographies for
Shows and Jazzroutines started flowing in. I’ve coached and choreographed Rock’n’Roll and
Boogie Formations, Lindy Hop and Charleston Shows, Line Dance Groups and Solo-

Side by side with my career as teacher and choreographer, I started to organise events and
brought many of the American dancing stars into Switzerland for the very first time. I
organised, amongst other things, training weekends for top-ranking competition couples from
all over Europe, and these week-long events in the Swiss mountains would often culminate
in a compeititon or a show.

I’ve had the pleasure to teach with several of the Top-Shots of the scene; prominent names
such as Mario Robau, Maxence Martin, Olivier Massart, Remy Kouakou, Simon Selmon,
Bachir Arar, Olivier Harouard, Pavel Sotnikov, Reto Gurt, Mario di Jorio and Browly Adjavon.

Several years ago I came to learn and love West Coast Swing. Over the years, my instant
aim to spread this dance in Europe has peaked. As one of the first dance teachers in the
European swing dance scene, I was able to offer and to teach this particular style of dance. It
is great to see how West Coast Swing has now spread everywhere.

One of my greatest strenghts is to be able to spot talent and potential early, to motivate and
to nurture individuals. Countless national and international champions have come to me
(from Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, Hungary, Germany,
Switzerland, Austria, Poland, France and Italy), European and World Champions, as well as
dancers, who have now become professionals themselves. As a coach of different national
teams I would lead and mentor them and celebrate their great successes with them.

I strive to convey my knowledge to my students in the best possible way. I keep myself up-todate
with the different dance styles and constantly develop my teaching methods. I keep
advancing myself as well as finding unconventional ways to teach.

Here are a couple of highlights from my professional development:

– Youth and Sports Trainer in Magglingen
– Coaching and Speaker Course by a Swiss Olympic
– Psychological and Mental Training in Sports at the University of Zürich for vocational
– Mental Training for top athletes
– Judges training by SRRC/Swiss Rock’n’Roll Confederation
– Conditions and Sports massage
– Music Kinesiology and Touch for Health
– Pantomime course at the Dimitri Theatre School in Verscio
– 4 months of intensive training by Mentor Buddy Schwimmer in California
– Private lessons and workshops with Skippy Blair, Jordan Frisbee/Tatiana Mollmann,
Ben Morris, Benji Schwimmer and Mario Robau amongst others.
– Different studies for dance teachers in Switzerland and abroad
– Constant studies in technique and styling

I offer my dancers comprehensive care – from dance specific and technical skills to exercises
ideally suited for them, to mental strength and moral support.

My goal is that each client with their specific personal situation will get the optimal
prerequisites, whether dancing is a hobby for them, whether they perform in shows,
compete, dance in formations or want to claim their place in a national team, wish to improve
their livelihood as professionals or want to keep up-to-date as an adjucator.

My profession has given me the dual insight into what it is to be on stage and behind the
curtains – this enables me to specify my approach to intervention and development. The
driving force for me is the joy I receive from advancing people and supporting them to
become better, more self-assured and succesfull.